Dialogue Toward Reintegration

The decision to enter psychotherapy often arises at difficult times in life. These difficulties make the psychotherapeutic process a challenge or struggle between the Darkness and Light that is part of life. The essence of the psychotherapeutic process in working within the struggle of the Dark and Light of life is to explore and affirm one's personal sense of individuality. Psychotherapy provides an opportunity to reflect and integrate the effects of these elements within the context of a shared conversation. This shared conversation provides support in the midst of whatever the life struggle one is facing. This alliance provides support when experiencing feelings of aloneness and connection. The discoveries made within the shared conversation can offer new insights and opportunities for movement through life and the many experiences that are a part of it.

As a Psychotherapist my approach focuses on meeting my clients where they are in their journey. My humanistic approach strives to provide support while encouraging the development of new awareness and skills to foster deep personal growth. All aspects of the therapeutic alliance created between myself and those I work with is based on a shared understanding of what is happening at the moment, what has happened in the past and what is desired in the future.