When Darkness Touches your Life. Finding the path back into the light of life: a therapeutic group to promote healing and recovery

We are all touched by darkness in our lives. It can be related to things beyond our control like changes in health, work, loss in relationships and it can arise from within as we carry the negative voices acquired in our past that may be triggered by life events. The bad news is there is no avoiding these experiences, the good news is we can learn ways to battle the darkness and develop confidence to find our way through to return into the light that is inherent in life.

This facilitated therapeutic group will focus on speaking the truth of life experiences with darkness. An integral part of finding the way through is in listening to others experiences while holding the space for those experiences. The opportunities afforded in this process allow for the building of new awareness and understanding of ways to better manage these inevitable life experiences. 

The facilitator Jamie De Luce, M.S.W, R.S.W,  Ph.d is an experienced clinical practitioner with her own experiences in dealing with the darkness and light of living. 

Format: The therapeutic group process will include readings and process notes. Handbooks based on the work of Dr. Patricia Wilensky in the areas of  ACOA and ACON (Adult Children of Alcoholics and Adult Children of Narcissists).

Time: Fall 2014  dates to be announced

Groups will be 6 weeks between September and early December 2014 based on registrations

Location: TBA Vancouver

Fee: $600 per group member. Fees paid on first evening by post dated cheque or in lump sum

Registration: please contact Dr. Jamie De Luce at jamie.deluce@gmail.com for more information. The group is small so register early.