Organizational Consulting: Finding Your Way in Your Work

The functioning of any organization can at times feel reminiscent of other aspects of life (for example, like being in your family of origin). In any organization there exist rules and a culture not always spoken about/of yet keenly sensed by those involved. Often, as individuals come together as a team, they bring along their own unique experiences of organizations, culture and family of origin. Along with this come inherent differences which can at times create feelings of struggle and imbalance that affect optimum team performance. When situations of this nature arise the knowledge, objectivity and skills of a consultant can foster positive working relationships. In my role as a consultant it is my responsibility to work with the group to help shine a light on the areas which are out of balance. I strive to foster communication and the development of new ways of interacting that result in the creation of new alternatives to working. These in turn promote productivity while increasing feelings of connection, ease and sense of well being within the team. The work of consulting and collaborating with any group is to create a shared understanding and culture that can maintain its own balance, while acknowledging that continuous change is an inevitable part of all organizational work.